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"One thing led to the next..."

Zoe never thought this would be her life, creating handmade magicakal items, reading Tarot cards, Exploring and reconnecting with the energy of the earth and spirits around her... in fact if you had asked her 5 years ago if she thought this was possible she'd likely laugh and tell you that's a dream. 

Although this hasn't always been Zoe's path it seems to have always been a part of her.

Like most she found herself curious and exploring the magickal world at a young age. One thing leads to the next. Mixing mud potions in the backyard, standing in her bedroom closet telling the spirits to shush, closeting her practice for fear of going against societal norms, to reconnecting, educating, and embracing where she is today. 

After the birth of her first child (the Fox) Zoe found herself craving expansion, this lead her to continuing her studies of Tarot Reading. Tarot allowed her the ability to step back and navigate life from a new perspective, communicate with spirit in a way she once felt blocked and provide her the ability to learn in a way never imagined. 

It was still took a handful of years, and the birth of her second child (the Sloth) for Zoe to take a leap of faith and open her first Tarot Shop. As she continued to build her business she continued her education on not only Tarot but the magicakal community. Suddenly the puzzle pieces started to click, the childhood lore and excitement was once more rekindled. Connecting deeply with the earth and spirit communication Zoe found herself most connected to the title "Hedge Witch". 

Today she continues to study herbal remedies, spirit communication, home rituals, and so much more.

Taking the leap once more ( after yet another birth) Zoe has created "Fox and Sloth Apothecary" a place to not only purchase magickal handmade items but to commune, connect and continue to explore the magick in every corner. 

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